Tout est question de sémiose, petit Arlequin.

Lundi 19 mars 2012 à 13:24


" Elle, ne se questionnait même plus sur ce qu'il pouvait savoir de la vie et de la femme, dans ses ignorances de damoiseau honnête; et c'était lui qui la sentait timide, qui la regardait fixement parfois, avec le vacillement des yeux, le trouble étonné de la passion qui s'ignore. Mais rien encore de brûlant ni d'agité ne gâtait le plaisir qu'ils éprouvaient à être ensemble. Seulement, cette amitié devenait si vive, qu'ils ne pouvaient plus vivre l'un sans l'autre." 
E. Zola, L'Oeuvre

I'm unable to live ____. Find the rest of the phrase. Finish the sentence by yourself, I don't give a shit about ununderstandings and everything else. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. It bothers me. I don't know again. You have the answer, hidden under three meters of black peppered snow. Blur, empty, heavy. Comme un pavé lancé dans la flotte. I would like to have seen you alone, face to face, yes. And spending en evening chilling out together, drinking a fucking tea and HC and I don't know, watching Wall-E and talking. But a laught. It was a gluttonous or greedy laught, rought and ready, coarse and crass, and silly. Nothing to add, Frustrating and frustrated.
I think too much about too much, and I should draw instead. I can't wait to go in our new house. Seriously, a change. A involvement in something. Screen printing, stencils, phtography, canvas. It's time to move my ass. I've called all the agencies, no available houses. We're gonna start to see smaller. Go on. To think about a pattern to let everywhere in Bristol. A kind of I WAS HERE BUT WHO IS/AM I. Anyway, I'm thinking about it now. Not that dark, silly teenager. 


Lundi 12 mars 2012 à 14:42

The visual dictionary. Here, this little spread is a whitewater. Lots of rocks, rafting with rowing oars. Have you got enought fun? Sounded like if everyone had to have a decisive conversation with me. My hand is a shitty concept. I closed my eyes, opened a book, breathe beathe breathe. Go away. Leave me alone. Seriously killing me. Then I'm playing, flying, anywhere else, nowhere. Full of fire. Hot, uncontrolable. Void. Screaming inside, losing the voice. Deliring, shaking. I bought a paquet of cigarets. 


Samedi 10 mars 2012 à 22:15

-900: 7                     900-1000:6      
1000-1100:5          1100-1200:4      
1200-1300:3          1300-1400:2      
1400-1600:1          1500-1800:0      
1800-2000s:-2      2000-2200:-4      
60ma:1                   30mu:1      
20ca:1                     no:0
500+/1x:1 if1500+     

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