Tout est question de sémiose, petit Arlequin.

Mercredi 21 mars 2012 à 11:29


Laments and jeremiads. I hate him and his inanities. He asks too much, exercices of translation. I don't really care your cocktails and can't see the ins and outs. Be precise, let me know or leave me alone. I wanted to give him the gate. Need my mum, not this kind of dummy father you try to be. Care about your own kids, we'll see what we can deal together afterward. I'm hard, I know. We are talking the same language, aren't we? To unit all the family to look like these beautiful models presented in the stupid series you watch on friday nights. He already pissed me off, and not exactly actually, because of the funny way I took it. Nice intentions, you wanna look like a savior, defending the weak and the oppressed. "the widow and the orphin" We are not. I don't want to spend loads of time I haven't just for your tomfooleries. Praise yourself to the skies if you want, I've fun behind my screen. And I can already ear her saying we smoke too much and we should eat more. Just shup up. Both.

But ok, I accept to come back for his birthday, which should be near my quarter. And I'll see my sister. Party time, to get smashed. Again. Haha. 5 years left. It makes me happy, I should enjoy more because life is short. HAHAhahaha. My unlimited insanity is incredible, I like it.

No logic. Macabre crazyness. Jump jumpjumpjumpjump. Everything was as a single word. Runrunrunrunrunrun. You are dreary and bleak you said? I am playing, falling. Uneven, unable to enjoy something. Saved by a fucking silly job. Why are you talking about it? WHY WHY WHY? I enjoyed the morbid numbers, and I still do. Seclusion. I can see them even without. Manipulation, i don't give a shit. If you know too much, you'll be killed with a plastic spoon. I give me a month. Fast. And you'll say what you want, you can. Nothing, you understand? Nothing. A dangerous method as well, without Freud and his bullshits, the Coué's one. Fucking more efficient than all moanings and lachrymal threnodies. Selfmanipulation, self conviction, self persuasion. Self belief. Selfishness, that's the way. We are alone. We are fine.

The P's tattoo is fine now. I should have use these needles before. Re-order news supplies. To finish today. Find what to do and pick. Had a chat with Ju., LD and T. and feel the wind of friendship. Funny scatophony with LD. The artist at the Cube. Tonight or never. Should call T. he wanted to see it. Lots of blah blah. Buy some credit at the ATM. Distant World Final Fantazy OST interpreted by The Royal PhilHarmonic Concert Orchestra in London in november and UK Subs at the Fleece in may. Promises.


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