Tout est question de sémiose, petit Arlequin.

Dimanche 8 avril 2012 à 15:30


"You've got the parisian accent!" Go to fuck yourself, Touraine's people, fucking farmers MOUAHAHA, we'll always be stupid and sounds awesome and sick! RHAHAHA.

Drunk, high, stone. Fucking feel good after this bad. Breathing. I have a bit of MD left. Speeeeeeeeeed pleeeeease. I try to control what I want. NO, you don't need this shit, you don't need this shit, you don't need this fucking good SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP! Ok, Everything is better. I don't care anything except these good times I can get. With or without you, I fucking don't give any shit about EVERYTHING. Nobody can ruin that, I'm living. LIVIN, I dare to try. I need to meet you and YOU and YOU and YOU AS WELL. Met D., M., M. and D, being silly, to socialize a bit. "Are you lesbian, are you together?" "Fuck you Dude!" To be alone inside is true and unchangeable. But to have X or Y around, to have your smiles, to get your hugs, your good moods, everything. Why have I been so blind? FFS, no prices, I enjoy so much now. Spent a fucking good night, drank nothing, so sober. But it was as cool as possible. OMFG. RHAA. I want more and more, I want to drown myself in meetings, drugs, social life, poor or rich, deep or superficial, psyche or not. DMT my friend, go for it and run, run. Let's make our experiences, let's go for it.

I'm coming from the dark but RHAAA. All the symptoms are worst and worst with years. She was probably right the day she said "bipolaire,mon enfant". HAHA, contrôle, laisser-aller, contrôle, laisser-aller. BIG CLAP in your FUCKING HEAD. Mais rhaaaaaaq. Make me not thinking, again and again, let me forget and let's run. Lachons la bride et courrons dans les murs, marchons sur les abeilles, et enculons les habitudes, les mortitudes. Soyons fous, soyons ailleurs. Guys and girls, THANKS A LOT. 

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