Tout est question de sémiose, petit Arlequin.

Dimanche 24 avril 2011 à 22:27


If you knew how I'm not crazy, how I'm so normal.
I felt like an animal in a zoo. Masturbating my brain with a shovel. Sleep all day long during this sunday, to balance the sleep deprivation. Useless day. I don't understand what you're expecting. I would never have said to come back there. You know, maybe I'm lost and I'm losing everybody. Don't try to plan everything, just enjoy your life. I would like to understand pollish, slovak and I'm working too much on this fucking front to really learn something. I don't know anything, I don't know where I'm going. You don't know me but I'm already missing you. Then stop talking about it.

Kill yourself. Don't remember, in front of the cops. What's the hell? Nothing, just again. What can I do if drugs and talks can't help? The Anarchist Cookbook. Plane. Going to find some speed. I can't believe it. WTF?? "I have some speed if you want" I have to laught or what? "T'as pas 10 balles?" That's it. My joy is scratching. Let's go to the park, together, to forget that life is crap, to forget that life is amazing and wonderfull as well. Fuckin' all.

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